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Pest Control in Orlando

It is hard to tell exactly how much pest control will cost in Orlando. This is largely due to the fact that each pest problem is different and no two jobs are the same. Luckily, the professionals at Critter Control® of Orlando can send a licensed pest control expert to your home or business to examine your pest infestation, develop a treatment plan, and provide you with a fair, accurate, and affordable Orlando pest control estimate.

Orlando pest control depends on the type of pest that is bugging you and the size of your infestation. Because Florida is home to many different types of pests and vermin, the pros at Critter Control® of Orlando offer affordable Orlando pest control that is tailor-made to eliminate each type of pest problem.

14 Common Types of Critters We Control

Here are the different types of pests that Critter Control® of Orlando commonly takes care of:

  1. Ants

    Ants can cause home or property damage. While some of them can cause painful stings or bites, most of them just like to check out the snacks in your pantry.

  2. Bees/Wasps/Hornets

    If you have an infestation of any species of stinging insect, then it can be a major problem. They can leave painful marks, and even cause deadly allergic reactions.

  3. Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs will feed off of the blood of humans whether you’re on the couch enjoying your evening or laying in your bed at night snoozing.

  4. Centipedes and Millipedes

    These creepy crawlers can become a huge problem outside around your windows and doors.

  5. Fleas

    Fleas generally love to pester and bite pets, but if you don’t have a cat or dog, then they’ll settle for you.

  6. Beetles

    Unfortunately, John, Paul, George, and Ringo won’t be invading your home like The Beatles invaded the United States in 1964. However, these similarly-named insects would be more than happy to cause damage to the wood and surfaces in your residence.

  7. Flies

    The definition of a pest, house flies just don’t “fly” with homeowners. They will fly into your home because of their attraction to food and begin to breed rapidly.

  8. Mice and Rats

    Invasive rodents can contaminate food and damage your wiring and insulation.

  9. Mosquitoes

    These flying pests can cause annoying bites and can sometimes carry viruses.

  10. Scorpions

    Like other stinging insects, scorpion stings can also have severe consequences like allergic reactions which can occasionally result in death.

  11. Spiders

    Web-building spiders are useful at eliminating other pests but can become a dangerous nuisance to pets, adults, and children in your home due to their painful and poisonous bites.

  12. Stink Bugs

    These stinky pests release a nasty odor when they’re smashed, so it might be a good idea to have them removed by professionals instead.

  13. Ticks

    A disease spreading parasite, tick bites can transmit Lyme disease.

  14. Wildlife Services

    We can handle invasive pest problems that are larger than rodents and insects. At Critter Control® of Orlando, we are equipped to remove wildlife such as raccoons, opossum, squirrels, bats, snakes, and others from your property both efficiently and discreetly.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable Orlando Pest Control

If you are dealing with an infestation caused by any of the above pests, contact Critter Control® of Orlando immediately. Our licensed and trained technicians use safe, non-toxic pest removal techniques that will not cause harm to you, your family, or the environment. We will not only permanently remove your pests, but we will also employ preventative methods to prevent future infestations from occurring. Furthermore, all of our pest control services at calculated to meet your needs, schedule, and budget.

For affordable Orlando pest control that is safe and effective, call Critter Control® of Orlando at 407-295-7194 and schedule a free consultation with one of our pest experts today.


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